Checking Email

We come across many test cases where we get emails and we need to verify them. You can handle these test cases using the public emails like Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail or InboxBear.

With such services you can create a random unique email addresses and use it to work with the test cases which require the email access.

Follow the below steps will help you how to do it

1. Create a unique mail using say, Mailinator web email (This is one time activity repeat below steps whenever you wish to access the same email)

2. Where ever you require using the email include this Mailinator email you have created

3. Once you have received the email, navigate to Mailinator site (New tab) below like URL where test will be replaced by the unique email you have created


4. CloudQA recorder will pause, open chrome recorder and resume the recording.

5. Perform your operations on the email box and save the test case.

6. After the test case is saved, Add a new step in edit steps of the test case, where email is to be checked and choose the step as script and input the below script in the new step.

Script:"your mailinator inbox url here");

7. Add one more step after the script and now choose switch to window and input the window index number [if in case two windows are expected including the one opened using script then input 2].

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