PagerDuty Integration

PagerDuty is an incident management platform that alerts via email, push, SMS, and phone, as well as automatic escalations, on-call scheduling, and other functionality to help teams detect and fix infrastructure problems quickly.

To integrate

  • You'll need to log into your PagerDuty account, create an events API v2 to log incidents in PagerDuty when triggered

  • For more information refer PagerDuty documentation

  • To integrate PagerDuty with CloudQA,

    1. Navigate to Settings in CloudQA application, switch to Integrations tab.

    2. Click Add Integration button, then click on PagerDuty tab

    3. Obtain the Service Key (Integration key in PagerDuty - alphanumeric) generated in PagerDuty account and enter Event Type as trigger and save.

  • Whenever a failure occurs in your testing, it will log an incident in PagerDuty

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