Data Driven Test

Often there might be may be a number of data sets that have to be used to test a feature of in your application. Now running the same test with different data manually is time-consuming

Data-driven allows testing your application with different inputs and validation values used within a test case to quickly and easily ensure that your application performs as expected with a range of data.

CloudQA provides user to test data in two different approaches

1. Using CSV file

2. Using random variable

1. Using CSV file

CloudQA has a built-in option for data-driven testing that allows you to upload a CSV spreadsheet file with rows of values corresponding to variables in your test cases(s).

Below is the procedure create and execute data driven test

  • Click on Custom Execute of a test case in actions column

  • Select the checkbox "Use a CSV file for Data Driven testing"

  • Download file template, provide data and save the file on disk.

  • Choose the file with data

  • Execute the Data Driven Test

2. Using Random variable

You can reuse a test case with different values by using Random Variables.

Use case

A test case with the creation of a user always requires new sets of data, to re-execute the test case. Instead of changing values every time in edit test case or changing in the application, you can use random variables.

How does it work?

  • Go to Edit Steps of a test case, Navigate to the step type in the test case
  • Clear the value and type "__"(Double underscore) and auto suggest will show up all random options
  • Pick the random option based on requirement and save the test case

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