TruRT Notifications

CloudQA provides a number of built-in options and third party integrations for notifying you about test case results when scheduled. Notifications can be controlled on the suite giving you both broad and fine-grained control over your settings.

To enable TruRT notifications:

1. Navigate to Settings

2. You will see a Notifications tab under which you can control TruRT alerts

3. Add Notification and select type(Email, Slack)

4. Select out of following configuration:

Notify on:

  • TestSuite Pass - Receive reports only when there are no failures

  • TestSuite Fails - Receive reports only when test cases in suite fails

  • Always - Always receive reports not depending on the results

5. Type in the usernames for email/channel name for slack, select the value from autosuggest and save the notification


a. The autosuggest in step 5 only comes up, if the respective integration is added in integration tab.

b. By default, the registered email ID and phone number are added to integration when a user gets registered.

c. The email ID's in user management will also be added automatically to integration.

d. If you want to add new email ID/phone number, add in Integration tab.

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