Impact Analysis

What is Impact Analysis?

CloudQA enables to identify objects uniquely and obviates the need to understand HTML or DOM structure.

CloudQA strengthens test automation suites with a centralized analysis of elements and reduces the maintenance efforts. Any change in the existing object easy to identify.

Impact Analysis helps you finding an element based on CSS selector or URL of web pages and lets you know impacted tests due to a particular object change and list elements effected in that particular page(entered URL). And very easily you can replace with new CSS to ensure tests run smoothly.

How does it work?

There are two methods to identify elements

1. Using CSS of element: Find elements using the CSS of the element in affected test cases

2. Page test cases: Find the elements of a page using page URL

1. Using CSS of element

If the element CSS which changed, is being used in another test case, you can directly replace them at once instead of editing each test case

  • Navigate to edit steps of a test case and go to the element whose CSS has changed

  • Edit the step and change the CSS of the element(Use Pick CSS in the extension to find the new CSS)

  • Click on zoom button on the right side of element

  • You will be directed to a new page, with the Old and new CSS of the element

  • Click on find the test cases and step numbers in which the selector is used

  • A click on replace will update the step with new selector

2. Page test cases

If your application has undergone change in a page, search by the page URL to find test cases and a click on edit highlights the element(s) of that page

  • Enter the URL

  • Click to find the test cases

  • Edit to see the elements of the page, highlighted in blue.

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