Multi-tab recording

Use case

  • Recording multiple pages is required when you need to create a test case that contains links that open in a new tab or a pop-up window.

CloudQA supports multi-tab recording that allows you to record any tab which directs from initial tab

How does it works

  • For example: Navigate to application which has directing tabs
  • Start recording your test case
  • Any of those links are opened in a new tab.
  • Below you will find a notification saying you are directed to another tab also showing the index.


  • CloudQA doesn't record directly jumping from one tab to another, the new tab must have a directing link from the current tab/window

  • If you forcefully try to record another tab, it will pause the recording

  • You can move back and forth in the tabs if they are directed tabs(as every recorded tab has index)

  • You can also add step to close and re-open the window

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