App Preferences allow you to set the conditions for test cases in application, such as choosing the base URL, selecting URI scheme with respect to base URL, Element timeout etc.

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1. Base URLs

In some cases, you may want to test your application that have multiple landing pages.

  • Every URL added should be mapped with URI scheme of that URL and saved
  • The pointing base URL of your application should be the URL from which recording starts
2. URI Scheme
  • Any base URL added should be mapped with its URI scheme and should be saved. By default it takes HTTP.
3. Screen Resolution
  • Screen resolution resizes the browser window when executing the test case. You can execute your application in any resolution provided
4. Locale
  • Select the language which is used
5. Element timeout
  • Element timeout is the maximum amount of time spent in searching for an element before the step is considered a failure.
  • By default element timeout is set at 5 seconds and can be extended till 90 seconds
6. Step Delay
  • Step delay is similar to pause at step level. Instead of adding waits at every step, this feature will help adding pause at application level
7. Capture Screenshot
  • Toggle to on/off if you want to capture the screenshots during execution
  • By default capture screenshot is on
  • If the capture screenshot is off for the test cases it captures the screenshot only for the failed step


  • App preferences that are changed with respect to an application doesn't change the preferences for other applications

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