Travis CI

CloudQA test cases can be run inside your Travis CI builds. Below we've provided the example of a simple setup that triggers a suite of test cases.

  1. How to work with TravisCI

  2. How to get the inputs for TravisCI Badge

1. TravisCI
  • Consider a simple Travis CI configuration example, we'll be triggering a CloudQA test suite (with default settings) using the shell script, after the build is complete.

  • Add the snippet below to the .travis.yml file in your repository.

  • In the example below, you will need to swap in your own values for API key, Test Suite ID, Variables, Browser and Tag.

language: bash

    - curl -0

    - bash "<API Key>" "<Test Suite ID>" "<Browser[optional]>" "<Variables[ex: var1=val1,var2=val2, optional]>" "<Tag[ex: build ID]>"


  • If using tag, also supply the variables(either actual or dummy variables)


  • Check your job log in order to verify the status of test suite every 10 seconds.

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2. TravisCI Badge

Follow below steps to get the inputs for creating a badge in Travis CI

  • Get the status Image URL - Go to TruRT >> Under actions select more options button >> select Status Image. The status image URL will be shown in the green color msg box

  • Get the Test suite id - Go to TruRT >> Under actions select more options button >> choose details option, you can obtain the test suite ID.

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Syntax for creating a badge in Travis CI

### Test Scheduler : [![](<<Status Image URL>>)](<<test suite id>>)


### Test Scheduler : [![](

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