Test Suite Management

Learn how to organize your tests into test suites and manage their running sequence

Test Suites give you the flexibility to manage the order between tests. You group them in suites so that you can create different groups of tests. This capability makes it easy to select which tests will be included in your suite as well as determine the order in which they will run.

1. Create a new Test Suite

  • Navigate to "TruRT"
  • Click "Create new Test Suite"
  • Add Name and Description to your suite

2. Edit the test suit properties

  • Select the test cases you want to run with the test suite.
  • You can select the tests from the test list, use the search field
  • Click "Select"

3. Arrange the test list

  • You can drag and drop the test cases in the selected test cases screen and save

4. Running your Test Suite

  • Click on execute test suite button to run the suite on demand

5. Edit suite

  • If you want to change the name/description/ know the test sutie ID, use the Details option

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