Synthetic Monitoring with TruMonitor


Though the software is designed to meet the customer's expectations, its durability and consistency need to be tested before its actual deployment. In a sector like insurance that is marked by its inherent complexity and diversified structure, development of new features and maintenance of the insurance application is a challenge. But a bigger challenge is managing all the websites and checking their purchase journey flow

CloudQA helps to find and fix issues before they impact your end users. CloudQA will monitor and send alerts during the low-traffic periods

  • Simulate business-critical customer journeys, use the recorded test cases to check critical flows

  • Ensure that your web application is available and performs well

  • Reduce your hours of manual troubleshooting down to seconds by analyzing hundreds of test executions, thousands of objects, millions of dependencies, and billions of events in seconds.

How does it work?

CloudQA can monitor both your test cases flow and URL's

1. Navigate to TruMonitor, Add a test case

2. Search and select the test case from the list, set the frequency and save

4. Click on the test case to view results

5. The results has the following information

  • Availability analysis, Performance anslysism, SLA report and KPI Trends.

  • Execution information - You can setup Notifications for any functional failure during monitoring and also get performance alerts based on the Threshold value.

  • Clicking on status will direct you to the step results page.

6. Navigate to Monitoring report for detailed analyis of your application.

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