Create a Basic Test Case

How to record your first test case!

1. Navigate to the web application you'd like to test

2. Open CloudQA's Test Recorder and click on Record

3. While in recording mode interact with web application manually; the test recorder will capture your actions in sequence

4. CloudQA has the ability to capture Assertion and Hover actions during recording.

  • Assertions
    • Without any verification for the actions performed, test case is incomplete
    • To verify you add assertions
  • Hover

    • The behavior of an element that has hover interaction. For example: a menu that opens only with a hover
  • To add assertions/hover while you record right click on an element and choose

5. Other Operations:

  • You can pause the recording any time

  • If you have recorded unwanted steps, you can delete them while recording

  • Once you are done recording a test case, open the extension, name the test case, and save it

  • You can prioritize, tag and describe the test case

  • A click on Edit Test Case directs to test case editor and Execute Test Case button will begin the test execution just saved

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