Capture Screenshot

Report & reproduce bugs with a click, straight from the browser to your bug tracker

What does Capture Screenshot do?

Capture Screenshot is a bug reporting tool, letting you capture bugs straight from your browser through CloudQA Chrome extension. Once captured, you can easily publish the screenshot to your bug tracker (Jira and Slack).

How can you capture the screenshot?

As soon as you click on the capture screenshot, menu will be displayed with following tools thats helps you capture the bug

  • Add text
  • Highlight area
  • Arrows

How to save the captured screenshot?

  • Once the screenshot is ready, just click save button in the same menu which will direct you to new tab to choose the bug tracking options.

  • If you have integrations with JIRA/Slack you will directly get the options to choose the Service URL/Channel respectively.

  • If you don't have the existing integrations, it will give option to add the integration.

  • After choosing the integration, just publish and a JIRA ticket/a notification will be sent to respective tracking tools depending on the option selected.

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