Edit your Test Case

You can easily add, edit the tags, prioritize your test cases, duplicate to reuse and check the logs of test cases.

Different actions on test case

  1. Edit your test case
  2. Duplicating the test case
  3. Checking the logs

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1. Edit your test case

If you have thousands of test cases, you dont have to worry to how to classify them. CloudQA provides an intuitive way of tagging and prioritizing your test cases

  • In Test Case tab, go to edit steps in the actions pane
  • You can prioritize (Critical, Medium, High, Low), tag and describe a testcase
  • Priority, tag and description helps you to filter and sort the test cases in Test Recorder page

2. Duplicate a Test Case

CloudQA allows duplicating of your test case. If you are not sure of changes made to your test cases, you can duplicate test cases and use the original as a back up.

  • In Test Case screen, go to Actions column of a test case and click on Duplicate
  • Rename(optional) the test case and save
  • Once duplicate test case is created. You can make the required changes and save it

3. Change Log

You can track the changes made to your test case, like addition and deletion of steps done by which user and when

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