Circle CI

CircleCI is a continuous integration platform that lets you automate your build process quickly, safely, and at scale. Through CircleCI's integration with GitHub, every time you commit code, a build is created and automatically run in a clean container or virtual machine, allowing you to test every commit. In the below example we will use CircleCI with GitHub for triggering the test suite in CloudQA.

Below is the procedure:

For Linux

  • In your GitHub project, add a new build step Execute Shell Command.

  • Add the following script, and insert your API key, test suite Id, browser name ("Chrome", "Firefox", "IE") and optional variable name value pairs.

  • Login to CircleCI using your GitHub account and setup the project follow the onscreen instructions and at the end commit and run the build process

version: 2




       CLOUDQA_API_KEY: "<API key>"

       CLOUDQA_SUITE_ID: TestSuite_ID

       CLOUDQA_BROWSER: <Browser(Chrome or Firefox)>

       CLOUDQA_BUILD_TAG: "<BuildID>"

       CLOUDQA_BASE_URL: " <Application Start URL>"

       CLOUDQA_VARIABLES: " var1=val1,var2=val2"


       CLOUDQA_ENVIRONMENT_NAME: "Environment_name"


      image: ubuntu-2004:202010-01 # recommended linux image


      - run: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y jq

      - run: curl -O

      - run: bash

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