Release Notes

January 2019


  • We have made a small-but-nifty improvement to the results page: For a step - script CloudQA can capture Page Load Time, Resource timings and the URL clicked by the script in the detailed result page. This allows users to debug easily if there is a failure in the test case.

  • Enhanced TruRT Dashboard: The new dashboard is not just a fresh design but also gives an overview on Test Suites scheduled and total amount of test cases per suite. You can drill down and inspect a specific "test suite" run and see the results of each test case.

    local Image

  • API Parameterization: Not just at test suite level and test case level, now variables declared at the application level can be used inside API tests.


  • Fixed Chrome Extension Installation issue.

December 2018


  • New Regression Test Reports: As promised to improve our Test Suite reports, there's a new, cleaner design of the reports.
  • Live customer support team: We have introduced a chat in CloudQA application to resolve your issues on demand.

    local Image

  • Guiding user right!: As per inputs from many of you, we have implemented a new status code for a test case if any of the optional steps fail in a test case. Other than pass/fail now test case can be partially passed.

    local Image

  • Improved Availability analysis report: Not just showing the errors, a user can access the errored tests directly from availability analysis report page.


  • The Fileupload issue is now fixed

  • Issue with SLA report is fixed

  • Fixed build issue with Test Run API

November 2018


  • You've been asking and now they're here: Real-Time Synthetic Monitoring reports, navigate to Monitoring Report to check the below reports.

    • Threshold Summary: This page provides information about your workflows that are approaching or exceeding their thresholds

      local Image

    • Threshold Spikes: Allows you to identify the underperforming workflows at the page level and you can drill down to individual page executions.

      local Image

    • Performance Spikes: You can identify top slowest runs across your workflows at a page level.

      local Image

    • SLA report: Helps you understand workflow performance metrics across time. You can compare your current performance to historical metrics with daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

      local Image

  • You can now request for a custom plan as per your requirement in CloudQA

October 2018


  • We always strive to add value, rolled our baseline performance graph at step level. Now real-time performance metrics can be tracked outlining high and low performance of your application.

On Boarding

  • Now you can also verify that an element does not exist on the page. implemented the element doesn't exist assertion.

  • As part of improving your onboarding experience, we updated gif's for easy understanding and made the onboarding process simpler for new users.


  • Fixed changeLog issue

September 2018


  • We've rolled out updated side navigation menu in CloudQA application with a new, cleaner design. You can access results directly from the menu, they're just nicer to use and easy access!

On Boarding

  • We've given moderators in user management more power to view/edit application details
  • CloudQA always looks to add more value to the customer and here we are with new synthetic monitoring reports which will help the user to check the performance metrics, benchmark graphs and KPI trends.
  • You ask we listen! Now CloudQA captures performance metrics of Single Page Applications (SPA) as well. Get actionable performance insights and ensure optimal user experience on your single-page apps.
  • JavaScript errors can render the entire application unresponsive to the end user. CloudQA helps you find page errors during monitoring in the result section. Prioritize by those having the biggest impact and fix them before they have a negative impact on the end user performance.


  • Fixed email notification issue in TruMonitor.

  • The issue with TruMonitor availability and performance analysis is fixed.

August 2018


  • An updated version of CloudQA's execution engine is available now.

  • We have made major improvements to Application performance.

July 2018


  • We have simplified the user interface of Notifications and Integrations. Now it is more intuitive.

  • Updated UI and UX in Edit Steps page


  • Fixed performance timings issue for single page applications.

  • Fixed issue with TruMonitor email link.

June 2018


  • Now you can know the number of SMS's consumed in a subscription by just navigating to the accounts page.

  • Implemented option to download TruMonitor failed cases report.

Local Image

  • Test Suite web API can be now tested with different base URL's.


  • Fixed duplicate slack notifications issue in Trumonitor.

  • Fixed issue with the email ID field when user a joins from user management email invite.

May 2018


  • Great news! CloudQA now integrates with Opsgenie, click here to know more..

  • Implemented Performance and Availability analysis in TruMonitor, which helps better tracking of your application errors.

Local Image

  • Collaborated API and API Suite into single menu.

  • You ask. We listen. A lot of you guys asked for Scheduled Monitoring in mobile resolution. Now you can execute monitoring test cases in different mobile resolutions

Local Image


  • Corrected few execution error messages in CloudQA - now they are more precise and comprehensible.

April 2018


  • Mirror mobile devices - Record and execute regression tests using Chrome mobile emulator. You can choose from a list of mobile devices for testing.

  • See performance metric of your application directly in results.

Local Image

  • Data Driven test error messages are imporved.

  • Now you can monitor test cases with different locations.

Local Image


  • Fixed the CloudQA extension issue, where radiobutton and checkbox actions were not recorded properly.

  • UI issue in TruMonitor is fixed.

March 2018


  • You ask. We listen. A lot of you guys asked for documentation link. It is now available in the left navigation menu

Local Image

  • Worked on your feedback given on visibility of results button, now it can be accessed easily

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  • Great news! using CloudQA's free Chrome extension find CSS selectors. Get rid of the hassles in finding selectors using HTML.

  • Enhanced the UI of Chrome extension login page

  • You can directly access your application dashboard from Chrome extension

Local Image

February 2018


  • Improved TruMonitor Reports
  • Removed load test validation that limits running to only 1hr per day

January 2018


  • Implemented Drag and Drop of steps. You can rearrage change the step position in the test case.

On Boarding

  • We simplified some of our reports, and added a lot of new ones! Some highlights

    • TestSuite reports

    Local Image

    • TruMonitor reports

Local Image

  • Now Monitoring and TestSuite can be modified after the start, can change the frequency

  • Get notified on updates of CloudQA and also for failed test cases and resaons to fix in Trubot page Local Image

  • Also implemented feature which allows you to give feedback on every page of documentation


  • Fixed compare images, now you can easily debug a test case on failure

December 2017


  • Re-useable test usability has been improved

  • Included test suite id in the test suite details. Helpful in running the test suite via API

  • Enhanced our emails, now they are more specific and clear to users

  • Noticeable changes in the test case steps pages, user can see the last failed step highlighted in red while editing the test case

    Local Image

  • Improved our TruBot, TruRT and TruLoad notification messages for better usability

  • Made changes to subscription indication in UI

    • Track your billing account subscription usage by applications and date in the billing account details

    • The main menu products tabs will be highlighted in orange and red onn 80% of usage and inactive respectively

    Local Image

  • Data driven testing

    • Can be run for any number rows of data

    • On 80% of usage it will alert user while running test

    • On complete usage of minutes while execution, it will terminate and send email notification

  • Included option to stop load test while the load test is in progress

  • Improved responsiveness of load test pages

November 2017


  • We added timestamp for every screen shot, not only the time take for execution you can also check time taken for each step

  • We spent a lot of time going over our application UI. We simplified some of them, and added new ones! Some highlights:

    • Removed Setup and Join Test Case and implemented Reusable Test

    • Renamed Test Case to TruBot

    • Shifted browser selection option from nav bar to body of the page

    • Embedded Data Driven page into TruBot page

    • Notification settings are moved to Settings page

      Local Image

  • You ask. We listen. A lot of you guys have been asking for extension of free trial. Now Free Trail is for 30 days

  • Added custom options to run a Test case and options include Base URL, browsers

  • Use Assist me button to get support from CloudQA expert

  • Now we show the Iframe locator in Edit steps page


  • Issue when two different users log in to web application and extension is fixed

October 2017


  • CloudQA now supports nested iframes

  • Upgraded execution engine

  • Enhanced editing page for more readability, now the formatted script can be seen when hovered

  • Better TestSuite API execution using Web API

  • Execution via API will allow variables which can override application variables

  • Implemented dynamic global variables at application level

  • Usage Information is now accessible to every team member

September 2017


  • CloudQA is now integrated with Pagerduty

  • Test Case page: Now you can view results for last three executions instead of one

  • Permissions: User role permissions are enhanced

  • "Assign" button functionality: User will receive a confirmation email once the assigned request is actioned

  • Enhanced recording, editing and execution history pages for more readability

  • Addition of the "client time" in reports


  • Fixed date picker issue in Firefox

August 2017


  • Now get 404 error for failed outputs. Define critical pages in app settings for this

  • Don't need SMS updates? You can now remove individual phone number

  • Overhauled UI

    • Test case has new icons

    • Improved tables

  • Updated UI for Upgrade Subscription button. Upgrade Subscription is enabled if any of your subscriptions are about to end and displays status of 3 subscriptions (TruRT, TruMonitor, TruLoad)


  • Fixed minor issue with file uploading

  • Fixed sidebar flickering

July 2017


  • Implemented TruMonitor in CloudQA - A cloud based synthetic site monitoring tool for your web applications that monitors application performance and availability anytime from around the world.

  • Implemented email alerts for subscribed users

  • To access the test case page user must be subscribed to any one of the products(TruRT, TruLoad, TruMonitor)

  • Improved page load performance in CloudQA

  • Updated CloudQA application look and feel!!

June 2017


  • Included CloudQA referral program , refer and earn execution minutes

Local Image

  • Added load test usage in my account section

  • Implemented feature to run test suite manually
    and few UI changes to test suite

Local Image


  • User can add test case description, tag and prioritize along with naming the test case from extension

  • CloudQA now supports multi window recording and execution


  • Issue with compare screen shot is fixed

  • Fixed issue - Can save the test case, though user navigates to a URL which is not configured

  • Fixed download chrome extension button issue in welcome email

May 2017


  • Implemented Load Test in CloudQA, now you can load test your application using existing test cases

  • Implemented screenshot comparison if a test case fails - if passing test case is failed, you can use compare screenshot to analyze the failure

Local Image

  • CloudQA supports key up, key down and tab keys methods

  • Supports switch focus between popup windows while execution

  • Included Site Monitoring feature

  • New assertion type added - Java Script returns true

Local Image


  • Fixed multi tab recording issue in CloudQA recorder

  • Fixed set up test notification issue

  • Fixed issue in adding second base URL in application

April 2017


  • UI changes for usage and upgrade subscription

Local Image

  • Updated icon for data driven scheduled execution in run history

Local Image

  • Implemented new actions doubleclick and right click(context click) operations in edit steps

Local Image

  • Enhanced error message for element not found

  • Execution Progress Bar changes color on success/failure of a test case

  • Grouped all the
    settings related to Application at one place in tabbed view

  • We can edit iframe locators in Edit steps


  • Updated CSS picker picks the locator along with its frame identifier


  • Fixed Billing minutes issue in usage page

March 2017


  • Free trial policy updated to 14days or 5hrs
    of execution which ever is earlier

  • Users can now renew/pay for their
    subscription via PayPal

  • Application clone will now include users
    working on the application along with the test cases

  • Support added for automating multi select

  • Enhancement to choose Base URL at test suite level

Local Image



  • Bug fixes for the input/text box elements

  • Bug fixes in API testing

February 2017

CloudQA Extension

  • Right click on an element to add an assertion/hover while recording the test case

  • Option to execute a test case from extension as soon as the test case is saved


  • Implemented contextual help on CloudQA, it walks through the process in each tab

Local Image

  • Upscale CloudQA application execution engine

  • It is now possible to select base URL at test suite level

  • You can now assert the drop down value selected

  • Declare application variables in app preference

  • Restrict user to activate test suite when there are no test cases associated



  • Data driven testing template download issue is resolved
  • The API URL link for the test suite is working now

January 2017

CloudQA Extension

  • You can now delete a step while recording a test case


  • Reworked onboarding process for new users

  • Test case step screenshots can now be viewed in a slideshow

  • Enhancement in UI and functionality of Data Driven Test: Now user can save data driven test, uploaded CSV file and run it any time

    • User also gets an update after every row in data driven test is executed
  • Enhancement in Test Suite: Data driven tests can also be scheduled in test suite now

  • Get SMS: Now user can get a SMS notification on test case failure, so that user can take immediate action

    • To activate SMS, go to app preferences and toggle to activate
    • Note: In profile tab user has to give mobile number to get notification



  • Multi-tab recording issue is resolved

December 2016

CloudQA Extension

  • To test application directing to different tabs, CloudQA has come up with Multi Tab Recording


  • Introduced free plan: It comes with a free trial period and 5 hours of execution

  • Implemented Billing using Stripe

  • Implemented Store Variable: To check dynamic values in the application(store variable can be used with in the test case

  • Enhancement in Email Notifications after test suite execution

    • If team members are added in user management, the emails will be sent to multiple people in the team instead of only person who created test suite
    • Go to notifications tab, select the options of email based on requirement
  • In manual execution as we have option to run test cases in different browsers, now Test Suite can be scheduled in different browsers at a time

  • Implemented Critical Error Validator to get notification on critical error pages (404, 500) during execution in your application

    • Go to app preferences, add your critical error message, its CSS path and name it. You will get a notification in case of critical error during execution
  • New Reports: Test Case Monitoring (Scheduler & API runs only) shows issue graph and performance graph for scheduler and API

November 2016


  • Implemented concept of Random variables: To test your application with different sets of data

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